Version: 1.0

ReCaptcha 3


ReCaptcha 3 for Joomla offers enhanced protection against bots without disrupting genuine users' browsing experience. This documentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure, and effectively use the plugin.

After purchasing the extension, download the extension from the email or from the download section of the store. UNZIP the package ReCaptcha_UNZIP.php.

You can find two files, the plugin installation file and the ReadMe.txt


  1. Login to your Joomla administrator panel.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Install.
  3. Under the 'Upload Package File' tab, choose the plugin file and click on Upload & Install.
  4. Upon successful installation, a confirmation message will appear.

Setting up ReCaptcha 3

  1. Visit the official ReCaptcha website.
  2. Click on the Admin Console button.
  3. Sign in using your Google account.
  4. Click on the "+" button to create a new site.
  5. Choose "reCAPTCHA v3".
  6. Add your domain under the Domains section.
  7. Accept the terms of service and click on the "Submit" button.
  8. You'll now be provided with a Site Key and Secret Key. Save these keys as they will be needed in the Joomla configuration.

Configuration in Joomla

  1. Login to your Joomla administrator panel.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Plugins.
  3. Search for "ReCaptcha 3" in the search bar.
  4. Click on the plugin to open its settings.
  5. Set the Status to Enabled.
  6. Input the Site Key and Secret Key you obtained from Google into their respective fields.
  7. Element Selectors:
    1. This field lets you target specific forms on your site using CSS selectors.
    2. If you know the exact CSS class or ID of a form, you can input it here, ensuring that the ReCaptcha only appears on this particular form.
    3. For instance, entering .my-form-class will target a form with this specific class, while #myFormID will target a form with the given ID.
    4. You can specify multiple selectors by separating them with commas.
  8. Component Targeting:

    • Joomla components often have their forms, like the ones used for user registration or article submissions.
    • Using this setting, you can decide which components' forms should implement the ReCaptcha.
    • Simply select the desired components from the provided list, and the plugin will handle the rest.
  9. Debug Mode:

    • When you're setting things up or troubleshooting, the debug mode can be incredibly handy.
    • Once enabled, this mode will display a red-bordered box above each form on your site, showing details like its class and ID. This visual aid makes it easier for you to identify and target specific forms using the element selectors.
    • Additionally, if you've not entered the ReCaptcha keys or have entered them incorrectly, a warning message will be shown to alert you.
    • Remember to turn off the debug mode when your site is live to ensure a seamless user experience
  10. Click on "Save & Close" to save your settings.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Q: The ReCaptcha isn't displaying on my forms. What could be the reason?

A: Ensure you've added the correct selectors and the domain is correctly set in the Google ReCaptcha Admin Console.

Q: I get an error message saying the keys are invalid.

A: Double-check the keys you entered in the Joomla settings. Ensure there are no spaces before or after the keys.